Tagline: Three minds. One body.

Genre: Sci-Fi Thriller

Logline: A pioneering mind transfer procedure goes horribly wrong and three consciousnesses find themselves trapped within one body, all fighting for control.

Status: Final draft.

Rights: Optioned by Hook Pictures Ltd.  Supported by Creative England.





Genre: Action

Logline: FINAL SCORE is an action thriller set at a English Premier League football stadium when a group of highly trained criminals take control and demand a ransom.  An ex-soldier is forced to use everything at his disposal to save everyone in the stadium, including the life of a fallen comrade's daughter.

Status: Draft delivered.  Scott Mann directing this summer.

Rights: Being produced by the Fyzz Facility and Signature Entertainment.





Tagline: TBC

Genre: Action Comedy

Logline: A trio of hapless soldiers get drunk on their base in the Middle East to celebrate one of them becoming a father. They wake up, hungover to hell, way behind enemy lines.  Incapable and without painkillers, they are totally unprepared for the perilous but comedic journey home.

Status: Final draft.

Rights: Available.





Tagline: The best killer is not the one with the best aim... it is the one that can live with it afterwards.

Genre: Conspiracy Thriller

Logline:  Mother is a conspiracy thriller following the story of a Northern Irish woman, living in England with her tearaway son, whose dark past as a sniper in The Troubles comes back to haunt her.

(This is a four part miniseries that we are creators and writers of.)

Status: Show Bible and 4 Episode Treatment.

Rights: Available.






Tagline: Remember, remember... the fifth of November.

Genre: Period Conspiracy Thriller

Logline:  The thrilling tale of the infamous gunpowder plot.  Following both the story of Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators as well as the law enforcers who caught them.  Exciting and complex.  This has more in common with Homeland than Downton Abbey.  You think you know the truth about the Gunpowder Plot? Think again...

(This is a four part miniseries that we are creators and writers of.)

Status: Show Bible and Episode Breakdown

Rights: Available